Viernes 20 de Mayo de 2022
El portal de la papa en Argentina
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puestos MCBA
  • Intervalos nubososBalcarceBuenos Aires, Argentina
    - 16°
  • Cielos despejadosVilla DoloresCórdoba, Argentina
    - 19°
  • Cielos despejadosRosarioSanta Fe, Argentina
    - 19°
  • Cielos nubosos con lluvias débilesEstacion UspallataMendoza, Argentina
    - 15°
  • Cielos despejadosCandelariaSan Luis, Argentina
    - 18°
  • Cielos nubososChoele ChoelRío Negro, Argentina
    - 20°
  • Cielos despejadosSan Miguel de Tuc.Tucumán, Argentina
    - 20°
 Buscador de Noticias

Alemania: Potato prices up 88 percent

Even before the start of the war in Ukraine, producers of agricultural products raised their prices more steeply than they had in almost eleven years.

Europa 20/04/2022

Ucrania: Onion prices down due to increased imports

Ukrainian onion growers are forced to reduce their prices as there has been an increase in the supply of onions on the market, caused by increased onion imports from Poland and the Netherlands.

Europa 20/04/2022

India: Onion Cultivation Mission announced

The Tamil Nadu government will unveil an Onion Cultivation Mission to boost onion cultivation in the State and create storage facilities at a cost of ₹40 crore in 2022-23, Minister for Agriculture M.R.K. Panneerselvam said.

Asia 20/04/2022
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