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Europa 23/02/2023

Innovaciones: A potato-based bottle that you can eat, compost or dissolve

Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine has collaborated with juice company Eckes Granini to develop a bio-based bottle called GoneShells, which is made from potato and can be eaten,,,

,,,home-composted or dissolved under water when finished with, as Abbey Bamford reports for Design Week.

The core concept of GoneShells is that the lifespan of the packaging matches the lifespan of the contents inside, and so bypasses the conventional recycling system.

Taking its cues from nature, GoneShells was inspired by the way a fruit is protected by its peel. Once finished with, the bottle can be wound down in the same way thanks to its spiral-like structure. Then, it can be eaten, home composted or dissolved in a kitchen sink.

At this stage, Tomorrow Machine cannot reveal much about the production and material compound, except that it is made from potato and uses existing manufacturing techniques. GoneShells is said to be an ongoing research project with plans for further developments and applications in the future.

Source: Design Week. Read the full story here

Image: Credit GoneShells

Fuente: https://www.potatonewstoday.com/2023/02/15/a-potato-based-bottle-that-you-can-eat-compost-or-dissolve/

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