Viernes 26 de Noviembre de 2021
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Oceania 24/11/2021

Tasmania: Potato shortage forecast after ’worst’ planting season in 40 years

Tasmania could be in for a potato shortage, growers warn, as fertiliser prices have soared, the cost of farming equipment has gone up and unrelenting rain means the potato season is behind schedule.

Philip Medwin grows potatoes over at Black River, where the rains have also been strong and planting is behind schedule. He said not only were farmers waiting for a break in the weather to plant more, but would be hoping for a dry Autumn.

Agricultural manager at Ulverstone’s Simplot factory Jo Tubb said Simplot growers had got about 70 per cent of their crop in, which was behind schedule. "It’s too early to tell yet," she said. "The next couple of weeks are critical, we’ve got a lot of work to do."


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