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Africa 24/11/2021

Nigeria: Nigeria will be among world’s top three potato producers by 2025

Minister of state for Agriculture and Rural Development Mustapha Baba Shehuri has declared that Nigeria will be among the world’s top three potato producing countries by 2025.

He said this on Thursday at the 1st International Potato Value-Chain and Root Crops Conference and Exhibition held in Jos, Plateau state capital.

The minister said the federal government will ensure there is no food crisis after the COVID-19 crisis, adding that measures have been taken to mitigate any adverse effect that might escalate food insecurity.

‘It’s a known fact that Nigeria has a comparative advantage in the production of root and tuber crops,” Shehuri said. “In reality, the country leads in the production of yam, cassava and sweet potatoes in Africa, presently the 7th highest producer of Irish potatoes production. With these types of initiatives, we are on the course to be among the top three world producers by 2025.”


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