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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 06/10/2021

Gran Bretaña: ‘No British soil for European potato seed’

The British ban on seed potatoes from the European Union is detrimental to the trade and cultivation in both Europe and the United Kingdom, writes David Stevenson in a news story for Talk Finance.

A solution must be found, says Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Tom Bruijn.

The ban on the marketing of seed potatoes is a political choice. It is the result of Brexit and not a technical issue, says Bruijn.

In order to limit the financial damage, affected companies can make use of the existing facilities provided by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). For example, there are the Brexit vouchers, which can be used to seek advice on opening up new markets.

The possibilities of setting up a Brexit-related internationalisation programme for affected companies will also be investigated.

Source: Talk Finance. Full story here

Picture: AHDB


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