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Europa 27/03/2024

Alemania: Early potato acreage remains at last year’s levels

In the Southwest, the 265 growers of "Pfälzer Grumbeere" are beginning the widespread planting of early potatoes. As in previous years, the very first "Pfälzer Grumbeere" were already planted in mid-February.

Due to the relatively moist soils, the planting process is currently progressing somewhat slower to protect the fields from soil compaction caused by driving tractors and planting machines. Hartmut Magin, the first chairman of the "Pfälzer Grumbeere" producers’ association, says: "Consumers need not worry, nature ensures ample growth. The first early potatoes from the Palatinate will, as is tradition, likely be available in farm shops from mid-May."

The southwest, with the Palatinate and the adjacent regions in Rhine-Hesse, traditionally ranks among the earliest cultivation regions for early potatoes in Germany. According to the cultivation plan, the "Pfälzer Grumbeere" producers’ association expects that the total cultivation area will be around the previous year’s level of about 4,000 ha of early potatoes. Approximately 1,000 to 1,200 ha of "Pfälzer Grumbeere" will be cultivated under foil or fleece to advance the harvest. Since the risk of frost is high for early plantings until the beginning of March, these are mostly fields in favored locations.

Care over speed: Planting of the early "Pfälzer Grumbeere" is staggered

To enable potato producers to control the harvest volumes according to consumer demand, the planting of the first "Pfälzer early potatoes" is spread over several weeks. Depending on the weather, the plantings in the entire cultivation area are expected to be completed by the end of March. Depending on the variety, soil, and climatic growth conditions, the early "Pfälzer Grumbeere" have a vegetation period of 80 to 100 days until they are harvested. It is important that the pre-sprouted planting potatoes safely reach the prepared ridges in the ground. Caution is advised. The sensitive shoots of the planting potatoes, which secure a part of the growth and harvest advantage for the potato producers, should not break off if possible. For the planting potatoes to then grow well in the soil, they need as much sun, warmth, and water as possible after planting.

The first "Pfälzer Grumbeere" are considered – because of their taste and tender skin – a symbol of the special gourmet and lifestyle culture in the Palatinate. Until the start of the main harvest and nationwide marketing from the beginning to mid-June, the time advantage that the Southwest has over other German cultivation regions ideally grows to up to three weeks. The early potato campaign ends annually on August 10th.

Images: Pfälzer Grumbeere

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Publication date: Wed 20 Mar 2024


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