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 Buscador de Noticias
Asia 05/01/2024

Bangladesh: Potato prices up again in Bangladesh

In recent weeks, potato prices across Bangladesh have seen a significant increase. This surge comes after a brief period of reduced costs, leaving consumers grappling with the sudden price hike.

 The primary reason behind this upward trend is the crop damage caused by heavy rains due to Cyclone Michaung. Cyclone Michaung wreaked havoc on potato crops across various districts in Bangladesh, with Munshiganj being one of the hardest-hit areas. Reports indicate that 13,900 hectares of land with potato plantations were damaged due to the cyclone’s relentless rainfall. In Munshiganj alone, out of the district’s total cultivated area of 16,200 hectares for potatoes, approximately 12,760 hectares suffered severe damage.

Consumers have been burdened with high prices for three to four months already. This situation highlights the government’s challenges in managing the market effectively, even with imports.

There is also a concern regarding a need for more seed potatoes in Munshiganj. Farmers and seed traders are worried about an insufficient supply for the upcoming planting season. This shortage may lead to some land being left uncultivated for potatoes.



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