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Europa 07/09/2023

Europa: IFA: European crop growth boosted by favorable weather, unlike central France

Ireland’s retail market sees a surge in demand and home consumption as the summer break ends and schools reopen, according the Irish Farmers Association’s (IFA) weekly potato market report.

The rise has led to a scarcity of the remaining old season Rooster crop, making it a hot commodity within the retail sector. Simultaneously, the market for the new season crop is gradually expanding, thanks to this renewed interest.

However, the picture is not entirely rosy as reported yields have been inconsistent across Ireland. This comes amid an acknowledgment of significantly escalated growing costs by a majority of contributors in the supply chain. Although, a few are yet to recognize these increased expenditures.

Meanwhile, conditions are ripe for crop growth in Europe. Favorable weather marked by steady rainfall is prevalent in Northern France, Belgium, Northern Germany, and Holland. In contrast, central France resorts to a 30-40mm irrigation system to facilitate crop lifting.

In Scotland, the early maincrop whites have been well-received to the point that demand is outpacing supply. On the other hand, the UK faces challenges with quality issues for M. Piper, including wet rots and pink rot. As growers commence fieldwork and lift headlands, these problems resurface. There is also a slow skin set, potentially limiting availability for export-intended samples.

Source: IFA

Photo: Credit PotatoEurope


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