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Europa 07/09/2023

Gran Bretaña: Innovate UK-funded project aims to make potato farming carbon neutral

In a groundbreaking initiative to combat climate change, Branston, the UK’s largest potato supplier, is leading a project to reduce the carbon footprint of potato farming, as reported by Farmers Guide in a recent news story.

According the story, the project, now in its second year, is funded by Innovate UK and involves a collaboration with agritech firm B-hive Innovations, the University of Lincoln, and other key stakeholders.

The primary focus of the project is to optimize crop nutrition, particularly the use of nitrogen fertilizers, which are a significant contributor to the carbon footprint of potato farming. The team is conducting field trials to explore alternative sources of fertilizers and methods for recycling nutrients in the soil.

In a bid to revolutionize traditional farming methods, the project is evaluating new technologies like R-leaf and Piketa. R-leaf is a photosynthetic catalyst that can convert atmospheric NOx gases into nitrates usable by plants, potentially reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. On the other hand, Piketa offers real-time nutrient analysis, allowing farmers to provide crops with the exact nutrients they need, exactly when they need them.

The Farmers Guide article underscores the need for a significant shift in the potato industry to meet ambitious net-zero targets. It calls for a collective effort from all stakeholders in the potato supply chain to find data-backed, sustainable solutions.

Source: Farmers Guide. Read the full story here

Photo: Credit Farmers Guide


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