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Europa 17/08/2023

Chipre: Xylofagou to host first Big International Potato Festival

Yes, you read that right, the potato statue in Xylofagou, which went viral back in 2021, is having its own festival this year.

Come September and the Xylofagou community will host the Big International Potato Festival, hoping to put the statue on the world map and perhaps even in the Guinness World Record.

On September 7 and 8, a festival will take place with music, song and dance and, of course, plenty of potato-related activities. Recipes and various bites featuring the potato will be featured throughout the two days, giving visitors a taste of the region’s most well-known produce.

Artists from the Greek and Cypriot music scene will perform in the evenings and while the full agenda of the festival has not been announced yet, it is expected to be a full programme. An agricultural exhibition will also be set up to show visitors an inside look at potato production and cultivation and all that concerns agricultural and livestock production. Save the date if you want to see the Xylofagou big potato up close and taste the region’s goods.

Xylofagou Big International Potato Festival

Two-day festival featuring the Xylofagou potato. September 7-8. Xylofagou, Famagusta district


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