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Europa 09/03/2023

Gran Bretaña: Behind the scenes at Lancashire’s premier potato peddlers

Fresh Fylde and Fabulous in Greenhalgh is a potato-grower and manufacturer in Britain which produces some 1,000 tonnes of spuds every single week,,,

,,,supplying the UK food sector with potatoes for their chips, mash, fries, roasties, baked potatoes, rosties, crisps, hash browns, and the odd dauphinoise.

As Jack Marshall reports for the Lancashire Post, the company was founded in 2005, the company has grown into one of the UK’s leading potato suppliers, boasting not only unrivalled expertise in the field, but a £12m turnover, some 70 members of staff, and a second site in Leeds, where they are venturing into carrot-, onion-, and sweet potato-production to boot.

“I was only supposed to be here for six weeks and that was nearly 20 years ago!”, says the company’s CEO Simon Leaver. “It’s been amazing to see the company grow – I started out doing admin for the farm when it supplied the likes of McCain, then moved into sales, transport, finance, growing, and procurement, so I’ve worked in most parts of the business.

“All our waste goes into our anaerobic digestion plant, which is great because it closes that circle, and produces fertiliser as well as a consistent and efficient gas supply which isn’t dependent on the weather,” he adds.

Source: Lancashire Post. Full story here

Photo: Fylde Fresh and Fabulous’ factory. Credit Lancashire Post


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