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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 13/07/2022

Chipre: Cyprus; Potato farmers want government intervention as costs continue to rise

Yesterday, Cypriot potato farmers said they will no longer be able to carry on planting their crop because of the continued increases in the price of oil and fertilizer.

President of the organizing committee of potato farmers, Andreas Karyos: “Potato farmers have no money to subsidize the product since the cost cannot be passed on to the consumer. With the costs that exist due to constant increases in the prices of oil, fertilizers and others, farmers can no longer afford to work.”

The day before, agricultural organizations met Members of Parliament to discuss the problem and suggest measures that can be taken to solve it. of the organizing committee of potato farmers

The committee will now discuss further measures, Karyos said. It had already had a meeting with the agriculture minister and were not satisfied with the monetary compensation offered, he said. It will not be enough for their survival.


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