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Europa 13/10/2021

Francia: France: Disappointing potato yields in the Aube department this year

As the season begins, the volumes of potatoes on the fresh market are limited. “Overall, the yields are limited,” ……

...explains Antoine Geysels of Top’Pom, a group of about 20 potato producers who have just ended the harvest of Agata, the dominant variety in the entire production. “We are satisfied with the quality. There is less waste than last year thanks to the more favorable harvesting conditions and lower dry matter.”

A large part of the Top’Pom production is exported. “There is already some demand but on moderate volumes for the moment. For us, the most active markets are Spain and Italy, who ask for good quality potatoes. However, both countries still have large quantities of their own potatoes, but the quality is inferior. We have also started selling in several eastern countries, which turns out to be a good thing for the rest of the campaign.”

Last year, the processing market was strongly impacted by the sanitary crisis, as there was nearly no demand from restaurants. Now, the sales have clearly improved, given the almost full reopening of restaurants in Europe and worldwide. “It is still too early to draw conclusions on the French production in terms of processing, but the first echoes are disappointing as well in terms of yields. On the other hand, the cold and rainy conditions of this season have caused some physiological defects that will impact the quality of some batches.”

Soon, the Top’Pom team will also have a sales representative in the Hauts de France region in order to have more reactivity in that area. “Our employees are always determined to do their best in order to increase volumes and meet the expectations of our producers and partners.”

For more information:

Antoine Geysels


Z.I. Villette 10700


Phone: +33 3 25 37 12 16  


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