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 Buscador de Noticias
Africa 13/09/2023

Nigeria: Five-year National Potato Strategy launched in Nigeria

A combination different organizations has launched a five-year National Potato Strategy as an essential roadmap that outlines key objectives, targets, and action plans to drive the development of the potato value chain in Nigeria.

A project launched in Jos, Plateau State, is targeted at creating employment opportunities.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Abubakar Kyari has noted that the National Potato Strategy 2023 – 2028 would ensure that the Nigerian Potato industry is expanded and potato is commercially grown across States in the country. He stated: “I have no doubt that the Nigerian Potato industry has the potential to become globally competitive given the country’s strong comparative advantage in production. Potatoes can be commercially grown in 12 States which holds well for the activities of many stakeholders. The essence of this strategy is to ensure sustainable food and nutrition security with a view to catalysing the rapid transformation of the Nigerian potato sector into a commercially viable sub-sector of the Agricultural Value Chains as a major export product…”

Fuente: https://www.freshplaza.com/europe/article/9557812/five-year-national-potato-strategy-launched-in-nigeria/

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