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Africa 07/09/2023

Kenia: Kwale growers urged to embrace potato farming

According to Pamba Na Viazi consultant and Palladium Kenya country manager Eddy Chibu, potato trials have proved successful in the region.

PAVI is Base Titanium’s food security and livelihood program started in 2014. He said that, since 2017 under the PAVI program, they have been conducting various potato trials in Msambweni, Matuga and Lunga Lunga, all yielded good results.

Chibu: "Potatoes can be grown here locally just like in Central Kenya. As per our trials, the farming is doing well.” However, he added that local farmers need the support of different stakeholders to shift into potato farming. He said most farmers are unable to grow the potatoes because of high production costs.

Chibu said a farmer is required to have not less than Sh90,000 to start practical potato farming, which residents do not have the capacity to raise because of poverty and unemployment. He said despite the challenges, potato farming remains to be profitable if local farmers are well empowered and equipped.


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