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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 23/08/2023

Ucrania: Large harvest of Ukrainian potatoes is expected

The Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers (UAPP) estimates the potato harvest in 2022 at 16.6 million tons from cultivation areas of approximately 1 million hectares.

However, in 2023, the cultivation areas decreased by 12%. Despite the ongoing war and rising cultivation costs, a significant harvest is anticipated this year.

The issue of the closed European market impacts prices and exports. Ukraine faces challenges in accessing the European market due to quarantine restrictions. This leads to price drops at the beginning of the season as producers quickly sell their produce. Moldova stands as the leading potato exporter.

The absence of professional potato storage facilities complicates the situation. Small-scale producers could benefit from the support of processing enterprises to sell their products. Harmonisation with European legislation and cooperation with the European Union is crucial for sector development.

The USAID program aims to support cooperation and processing, yet its success requires collaborative efforts from market participants. It is essential to find ways to open the European market for Ukrainian potatoes and to focus efforts on sector development after the war.


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