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Europa 20/03/2018

Alemania: First potatoes planted in Saxony, Germany

The growers of early potatoes from Greater Burgdorf in Saxony, Germany have been waiting for the frosty season to come to an end.

First potatoes planted in Saxony, Germany

They are already in the starting blocks to bring the seed potatoes into the ground. Because in order to be first on the market with new potatoes, the tubers have to start growing as early as possible.

"There was no reason for the growers to wait," explains Joachim Hasberg to the Landvolk press service. The managing director of the Niedersächsische Frühkartoffelerzeugergermeinschaft in Burgdorf near Hanover knows that the potato is so robust that it can tolerate even late frost if it only gets warm enough during the day.

Joachim Hasberg, managing director of the Niedersächsische Frühkartoffelerzeugergermeinschaft:

"If the sun is shining during the day and the soil is thawing under the foil, then the potato will grow anyway."

However, it also depends on the planting depth, whether it is windy and how many layers of foil were spread over it. The harvest date is determined by the sunshine and heat development especially after mid April. Hasberg is convinced, however, that around mid May the first potatoes from Lower Saxony can be harvested and marketed from the farm.

Potato growers are currently not satisfied with the prices. They hope that the lead in the market will have a positive effect. In recent years, many German farmers have entered potato production, because of the generally poor prices of agricultural products, they have sought alternatives to rye, sugar beet or other crops. As a result, the Lower Saxony lost market share.

Joachim Hasberg:

"As the price of other crops is falling, more farmers are pushing for the potato market.”

“Potato cultivation is labor-intensive and requires elaborate technology. Whoever gets in here does not start with two, but rather with 20 hectares."

Hasberg explains the situation on the potato market. In addition, the fresh consumption of potatoes continues to decline, further increasing pressure on the market. In the early potato producer community, 150 farmers between Hanover and Peine grow to around 2,700 hectares of new potatoes. In total, 108,000 hectares of potatoes are grown in Lower Saxony, one third for consumption and two thirds as starch potatoes for industry.


Landvolk Niedersachsen


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