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Norte Am. 11/02/2018

EEUU: Adirondack Blue Potatoes Market Trends Estimates High Demand by 2025

Currently potatoes are grown in approximately 19,500,000 hectares around the world. China is the largest producer of potatoes and almost accounts for one third of the global production.

The increasing demand and shift from fresh tuber to processed products is further anticipated to foster the growth for Adirondack blue potatoes over the forecast period. Today major potatoes are processed to meet the increasing demand for fast foods, snacks, and convenience food industry.

One of the major market challenges is the decline in the production of the potato. For instance, the potato production in majorly in Europe has declined by almost 2% over the last twenty years. However, the output in developing countries is increasing and growing at an average of 5% every year. Within Asia China and India are the major producers and also account for the highest growth rate. Therefore the developing countries are world’s biggest potato producers and importers.

Currently potatoes are grown in approximately 19,500,000 hectares around the world. China is the largest producer of potatoes and almost accounts for one third of the global production. India is also one of the largest producer and consumer of potatoes. Potatoes are rich in starch and therefore makes it the fourth most important food crop after maize, wheat, and rice. There are variety of potatoes produced across the globe. Adirondack blue potatoes being one of them.. Adirondack blue potatoes are unusual variety of the potatoes due to its color and high levels of anthocyanins.

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The major difference between the white potatoes and the colored potatoes are the differences in carotenoids and the flavonoid content. All the colorful potatoes are rich in carotenoids and flavonoids. According to research, colored potatoes are rich in many nutritional health benefits including cancer treatment.

Adirondack blue potatoes are good for boiling, baking, and mashing and are used for majorly bright colored salads. The international trading still remains thin as compared to the overall production. The factors such as the high transport costs and the high cost of the refrigeration which are obstacle for the international trading network.

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Some of the players identified across the value chain of the global Adirondack blue potatoes market include DK Potatoes, Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes, Tucker Farms, Inc., Potatoes South Australia, and Sheldon Farms, amongst others. Few of the strategies adopted by the key players in the market are partnership and collaboration with other operators, expansion into the untapped market, and joint ventures with the organizations in emerging countries to gain the strong foothold in the market. To ensure product differentiation and to acquire a considerable share of the market, major vendors are adopting creative strategies and are constantly developing innovative products.

About Persistence Market ResearchPersistence Market Research (PMR) is a U.S.-based full-service market intelligence firm specializing in syndicated research, custom research, and consulting services. PMR boasts market research expertise across the Healthcare, Chemicals and Materials, Technology and Media, Energy and Mining, Food and Beverages, Semiconductor and Electronics, Consumer Goods, and Shipping and Transportation industries. The company draws from its multi-disciplinary capabilities and high-pedigree team of analysts to share data that precisely corresponds to clients’ business needs.

PMR stands committed to bringing more accuracy and speed to clients’ business decisions. From ready-to-purchase market research reports to customized research solutions, PMR’s engagement models are highly flexible without compromising on its deep-seated research values.

Fuente: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3653458

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