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Europa 14/04/2017

Europa: Cypriot potatoes becoming increasingly popular in Europe

"This is a product that stands out for the careful process of selection and packaging," explains Gaetano Modugno, manager of the company Evergreen di Modugno Gaetano.

These potatoes, which have Global GAP and IFS certificates, have been present on the international market for 10 years and have reached an average of 50,000 tonnes marketed per year.

The countries showing the most interest in Cypriot potatoes are Italy, which buys 30% of the production and, in turn, re-sells it; France, which buys 25%; the Netherlands, with another 25%; and the United Kingdom and Germany, with 10% each. The average price of the product in the international market is about 0.50 Euro per kilo, with 0.80 Euro per kilo paid at the start of the campaign. "We could say that the price of potatoes remains stable year after year," affirms Modugno.

As a curiosity, Modugno states that "these are potatoes that have been cultivated under almost constant favourable weather conditions, and the degree of salinity of the soil results in them having a very good consistency compared to Italian potatoes from the area of Apulia."

For more information:

Gaetano Modugno

Evergreen di Modugno Gaetano

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 99

70044 Polignano a Mare (Ba)

Tel.: +39 345 95 69 961


Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/173980/Cypriot-potatoes-becoming-increasingly-popular-in-Europe

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