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 Buscador de Noticias
Africa 26/05/2020

Nigeria: Nigerian sweet potato cultivation leads to chips, beer, and fries product range

’Adding value, creating wealth’ is Farmforte’s business philosophy, with Nigerian sweet potatoes as their core-product. With this, they look into opportunities to add extra value.

Quickly a sweet potato product range was ready to enter the market. It now has three products - chips, fries, and beer.

"The sweet potato beer idea was entirely aimed at trade shows. Farmforte wanted to offer leading products. It was surprisingly successful. In Berlin, Fruit Logistica stallholders came from Hall 1 to Hall 26 in the morning to taste our beer. That says it all. Besides this phenomenon, there is also already interest from 22 countries worldwide. Again, just for the beer," says André Schaap.

The tale of the process behind the beer is also worth telling. "It all began in a little shed with 20l at a time. After five different sweet potato beers - there was Orango. But, 20l? Let’s be honest; after one good evening, that is all gone, right? So, we decided to scale up. From 20 to 2,000l in three months. That is unheard of, but that is also the Farmforte way of thinking. We see products’ value and use that to the fullest."

"Now we had 2,000l of specialty beer. There is, of course, a big difference between this beer and lager. It is a beer we can proudly present. Many people cannot get enough of it. It is a fresh, blond 6.5% beer made from Nigerian sweet potatoes. These potatoes make for an extremely soft, smooth drink. It is also a little dry after each sip. That ensures a quick next sip. Do not worry; there is no hole in the bottom of the glass. This beer is simply so good that your glass empties quickly. But, we have enough," explains André, enthusiastically.

The Orango brand consists of beer, chips, and fries. It is not just about sales, but also investment. For every Orango product sold, a portion goes to the Farmforte Charity. This charity invests in the local Nigerian community. So far, a school, toilet facilities, and a curing center have been built." These new facilities have improved the local people’s living conditions."

Here is a film about the process. "The beer will soon be available to order online on the Orango webshop too," concludes André.


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