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Europa 23/04/2018

Rusia: Innovative technologies for storing potatoes and vegetables

Sergey Matskevich, head of the Vegetables and Fruits Storage Department of Agrovent: “Innovative technologies are those whose cause radically changes to the quality of storage and increase the storage life of vegetables.

All projects executed by the Agrovent are very important for us and every time we apply the most modern technologies.

One of the most vivid examples of the application of innovative technology in Russia is the bulk storage facility of the "White Dacha Farming" company in Tambov. The customer required the availability of advanced technology in the storehouse to provide the consumer with tasty and beautiful French fries. For this purpose, special humidification was introduced into the potato storage facility, and CO2 control and removal units. In this storehouse, for the first time, we installed a system for cleaning and disinfecting the air from various bacterial infections.


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